Two at Two – Interview Edition

This past year on the bookmobile has been a great experience. It’s an entirely new avenue of library outreach, and I even learned to drive a truck something that wasn’t even an interest.  Yet, this past year has made it very clear to me that while I love working in libraries, I have a specialty and that happens to be motivating children to read! Recently, … Continue reading Two at Two – Interview Edition

Two at Two- New and Favorite Titles

Summer is finally here, and that means many things. Visiting the zoo, beach, Six Flags, and last but not least butterfly sightings….oh, and fireflies! *heart* Traveling Butterflies by Susumu Shingu Beautiful full page illustrations follow Monarch butterflies from the very beginning of their life cycle as eggs, and follows their journey through various landscapes as they travel from Southern Canada and the United States to … Continue reading Two at Two- New and Favorite Titles