Read Like Me: Friday, February 14, 2020

Today we’re shooting for the stars!

Today’s reads are Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed & Chasing Space by Leland Melvin.

Mae Among the Stars is inspired by the life of American Engineer Mae Jemison the first African American woman to travel into space. Ahmed shows the beauty in imagination and dreaming while highlighting the value in working hard to see those dreams fulfilled.


Chasing Space by Leland Melvin

Chasing Space

Leland Melvin shares his story of being drafted by the Detroit Lions football teams only to be injured, and unable to play. His dream was to be a professional football player, but he didn’t let an injury stop him. He found a new dream, and found the courage and resolve to reach the stars.

A story about the quality of resilience.

This wouldn’t be a blog by Jasmine Joelle Pitts without this bit: Leland Melvin. An athlete, he’s a genius AND he loves his dogs so much that he sneaks them into NASA. Clearly, the man that my dreams are made of.

Okay, back to business.  Everyone have a great weekend please click here for today’s awesome poster.



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