Two at Two- New and Favorite Titles

Summer is finally here, and that means many things. Visiting the zoo, beach, Six Flags, and last but not least butterfly sightings….oh, and fireflies! *heart*

Traveling Butterflies by Susumu Shingu

Traveling Butterflies Cover

Beautiful full page illustrations follow Monarch butterflies from the very beginning of their life cycle as eggs, and follows their journey through various landscapes as they travel from Southern Canada and the United States to Mexico each fall.  This book will make you stop, pause, and smile the next time you see a monarch. You’ll say to yourself, “My little friend, it’s nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by, after all the beautiful places you have been?”

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(Storytime Ideas: Butterflies, Insects, Mexico, U.S.) 

There’s a Giraffe in My Soup by Ross Burach 


Waiter, there’s a giraffe in my soup. Seems impossible? Well just wait until you read about all the other animals that are found in There’s a Giraffe in My Soup, along with all the shenanigans that follow. 

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This is a very funny, silly read. Be prepared for lots of giggles!

(Storytime Ideas: Animals, Silly, Food) 



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