Two at Two – New and Favorite Titles

 Stina by Lani Yamamoto

Stina Cover

Stina doesn’t like the cold and makes every effort to make sure that she’s never cold. That means knitting, preparing food for the winter, and even making new inventions!  One day while Stina is inside trying to keep warm, she notices children outside playing, and wonders how are they keeping warm? Well, if you read Stina you’ll find out how the kids are keeping warm AND how Stina learns the cold isn’t always so bad after all.

I really enjoyed the story, though I have to admit the fabric cover and the little girl peaking out from the mounds of scarves, kept grabbing my attention. When you live in Illinois you know the feeling of continually trying to keep warm. Brrr.

Stina also features instructions on finger knitting and a nice hot chocolate recipe, that I’ll be trying on a nice rainy day.

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(Storytime Ideas: Winter, Cold Weather, Sweaters, Clothing, Snow, Friendship)

The Sock Thief by Ana Crespo

sock thief
Felipe doesn’t own a pair of socks, but who needs to when you only wear flip-flops?  Guess who? Felipe does! So once a week he goes through town stealing the socks of his neighbors, and leaving them mangoes from his family’s tree.

Does Felipe’s crime go unnoticed? Absolutely not! At each house animal friends sound out to the neighbors that Felipe is there to take the socks. But why is Felipe stealing socks? Even more, why do the neighbors let him continue to steal the socks week after week? Read The Sock Thief to find out more.

The Sock Thief takes place in Brazil and the text features words in Portuguese. We learn animals sounds,the names of fruits and games in Portuguese. It was a fun read that would be very great during a family time. It might also open discussion with families who might have a child who likes to “borrow ” or steal things.

(Storytime Ideas: Around the World, Brazil, Soccer, Languages, Stealing, Sharing, Community)

Happy Reading!

-Ms. Jasmine

One thought on “Two at Two – New and Favorite Titles

  1. Ms. Jasmine, thank you so much for the a great review of The Sock Thief. I am happy you enjoyed it! You may find free downloadable activities for The Sock Thief on my website at There, you will also find recordings with the correct pronunciation of each of the Portuguese words. Have fun! All the best, Ana

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