Two at Two (but at 8:00 a.m.)

Good Morning, I want to share something today.

I have a fear and I believe this fear is totally justifiable. I like dinosaurs just as much as the next person, but we’re not reading to just anybody, we’re reading to kids, and kids LOVE, I mean LOVE dinosaurs!! Which means, they know how to pronounce the names of the dinosaurs ten times better, than you ever will! Say the name wrong in storytime, and they WILL correct you!

Your problem, and mine are now solved. Enter:

Dino Block by Christopher Franceschelli

Dino Block Cover


Christopher…I *heart*you! In Dino Block, Christopher compares the different dinosaurs to animals that children are more commonly familiar with. For example the ANCHISAURUS (ANN-kih-SORE-us) has a long neck like the giraffe, and they also ate leaves from trees.

Dino Block PagesBut why am I so crazy about Dino Block? Do you see how I gave you the dinosaur name AND the pronunciation. Dino Block features that on EVERY SINGLE PAGE!!  No more mispronouncing dinosaur names, I am now an expert. *Rejoice!!

(Storytime Ideas: Dinosaurs, Animals, Differences, Comparing, Children’s Librarian Professional Development) 


Here’s another little confession.

My other joy besides reading, is music. If you’re having a party, and I’m invited, you can be sure to find me on the dance floor! (Disclaimer: This blogger does not intend to claim she is a good dancer.)

Why am I talking about dancing? Well let’s take a look at the second of my Two at Two:

One More Dino on the Floor by Kelly Starling Lyons

One More Dino on the Floor

One Dino hears a tune, and the rhythm just makes her feet move. One by one other dinosaurs join the party, sharing their own special styles of dance. Kelly shares illustrations of the dinosaurs sharing in dance styles such as the waltz, country,swing and even the cupid shuffle, this might be a good selection when sharing a unit on the arts.

One More Dino on the Floor is a fun read, though a tad wordy for traditional storytime reading, it can be used with  adaptions. This is also a story that parents will love reading along with their children. Both will be able to relate to the newer styles of dancing that Kelly describes, and it would be a great time for communication when parents share memories of dancing to the styles that the children might not know.

(Storytime Ideas: Dinosaurs, Counting, Dance, The Arts) 



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