Under the Sea– Ocean Animals

♫ Under the Sea, Un-der the Sea♫

Who doesn’t  love the ocean? This storytime just brings to mind the movies that make me smile and their catchy tunes Like “Just keep Swimming ” with  Dori and Nemo from Finding Nemo, or my absolute favorite “Kiss the Girl”  with Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. (In case you don’t know the magic of Kiss the Girl take the time to view it here! I promise it’s worth 3 minutes of your time!)

Books We Read

Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle

Classic Eric Carle– I’d share this book with an older crowd. The story follows Mr. Sea Horse right after he has been given the seahorse eggs to protect.  As he swims he meets other fish fathers who are protecting their children and eggs in different ways.  I love the peekaboo sections and the art work is just gorgeous.

I‘m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

My obsession with this book has to be the page where the whale EATS the octopus. The childrens reactions are just the most priceless look of youthful disgust, laughter and shock that I’ve ever seen each and every time!

On an educational note  this book is a great tool for ocean animal identification. 🙂

Pop Up Sea by Patrick Watson

Unfortunately there’s no riveting story line, but the pop up engineering of this story is absolutely  wonderful.

The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

A fish believes that all he’s good for is sharing gloom and doom, and he all he does is spread that gloom and doom to all of the other fish in the sea. Yet, one day when he least expects it, his world is turned right side up! Cute, story, but it’s a bit long, and the boys always hate the ending.

Fingerplays, Songs, and Feltboards

It’s always nice to include finger plays, dancing, scarves and such into storytime, to get the kids up and moving around.  I found this GREAT video on YouTube that teaches how to present this song in American Sign Language.

♫ My Bubbles Flew Over the Ocean ♫

My bubbles flew over the ocean, My bubbles flew over the sea.

My bubbles flew over the rainbow.

Oh come back my bubbles to me.

Come back, Come back,

Oh come back my bubbles to me, to me.

Come back , come back, oh come back my bubbles to me.

♫ The Slippery Fish♫ Song and Feltboard 

The slippery fish, the slippery fish, (little green fish on board, then hands together pretending to swim)

Sliding through the water.

The slippery fish, the slippery fish,

gulp, gulp, glup.

Oh no…(put hands to mouth) He was eaten by an…

Octopus, an octopus, (place over fish, move arms like and octopus)

squiggling in the water.

An octopus, and octopus,

gulp, gulp, gulp.

Oh no…he was eaten by a

Tuna Fish, a tuna fish ( place over octopus, put hands together and open and shut like a mouth)

Flashing through the water

A tuna fish, a tuna fish,

gulp, gulp, gulp.

Oh no…he was eaten by a…

Great Big Shark, a great big shark (place over tuna fish, open and shut arms like a giant mouth)

Lurking in the water.

A great big shark, a great  big shark,

gulp, gulp, gulp

Oh no… he was eaten by a..

Humongous Whale, humongous whale (place over shark, curve arms like a huge whale’s body)

Spouting in the water

Humongous whale, humongous whale

gulp, gulp, BURP!

Oh no… I have a terrible tummy ache.

♫ Under the Sea– Little Mermaid Soundtrack ♫

I simply like to turn on this track on and then give eat child a maracas and we make music like crazy! :-0  For a more controlled atmosphere, I like to have the kids listen and every time we hear “under the sea” we shake our maracas to the music.

till next week…..blub….blub…blub….

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